Steel Roofing Profile – Colors

Roofing Profiles

Banff Profile

This unique roof tile is the most innovative pattern. When viewed from the top it resembles the original wood shingle pattern which is a typical style in the cottage country and in the highlands.

Enigma Profile

Enigma is an innovative product with a unique design. Its form, texture and appearance thoroughly resemble the wooden shingle.

Estima Profile

Where modern meets the classic. This design will suit both the modern and classic structures. It fits well in both simple and more complex roof designs.

Mont Blanc Profile

Exceptional design. A symmetric modular roofing tile with an added detail – triple rib.

Tofino Profile

The most modern solution for the minimalist. The distinctive feature of this roof tile is the triple rib. This tile can serve both as a roof covering as well as original facade finishings.

Tremblant Profile

A symmetric modular roofing tile that perfectly delivers both the modern and attractive look.

Vancouver Profile

Vancouver 25 and 38 – the two in one panel. Originally designed as a roofing panel was soon discovered to serve its purpose as facade siding. They are best suited for contemporary structures.

Whistler Profile

A classic European style tile. Its slender form lets it accommodate well between two different structure styles: traditional and contemporary.

Monte Rosa/Shake

Shake. Sustainable and durable. The variations of tones, shades and textures mimic natural materials.

Monte Leone/Slate

Slate. Modeled from nature. Robust edge-sculpting. Beautiful natural appearance.

Available Colours

Our roofing profiles come in multiple colours. Please contact us for availability.

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